10 Best Herbal Teas To Stay Healthy This Monsoon

10 Best Herbal Teas To Stay Healthy This Monsoon

Rainy season is the best season of every year but as it is said good things come with warning signs and Monsoon brings with it. The best means to enjoy the monsoon is to have a sip of hot cup of tea with some snacks to enhance the joy of watching the rainfall.

What if we find out a beverage which does not only help us to enjoy the rainy season but also keeps us healthy throughout without getting ill?

Sounds interesting right!

Here are some of the best herbal teas which can soothe you with healthy and refreshing experience this monsoon:-


Ginger Tea


  • Ginger Tea

It is the best tea for monsoon as it helps to fight the common cold and heal allergies. Apart from this, it is good for the stomach as it helps in proper digestion and absorption of food along with this it helps in improving blood circulation. In order to have its super effects, blend ginger with the inclusion of honey or lemon and gaze with a zing within you.


Green Tea


  • Green Tea

The name itself explains a lot as it is full of benefits to make you feel healthy and refresh. Green tea has super agents which help in flushing out all harmful toxins within the body along with this it has rich antioxidants which help in fighting illnesses and diseases effectively. Have a cup of it with honey or lemon to bring flavor to your taste.


Peppermint Tea


  • Peppermint Tea

The tea has a rich agent of mint which adds upon the flavor to provide you soothing and relaxed feeling. Peppermint has menthol which breaks down the fever faster by making you sweat and releases excess body toxins.  It also helps in curing dry cough and itchy throat effectively in order to breathe healthily.


Chamomile Tea


  • Chamomile Tea

Since ancient Egyptian time frame, Chamomile tea is used for various ailments. It has both anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which are the best tea to have especially for monsoon as it helps to fight infectious diseases like viral, flu, cold and various skin diseases.


Oolang Tea


  • Oolong Tea

It is the best tea for gloomy and wet weather. The leaves bring in the natural refreshing agent which makes you feel good spirited with a boost in energy. It has high caffeine content which increases sharp thinking, mental alertness, and quick responses. It also helps in creating healthy glowing hair and skin which enhances your beauty and complexion.


White Tea


  • White Tea

It is a mild flavored tea which contains 3 times antioxidants than green tea. It is perfect tea to have at the end of the long rainy day after work which aids in controlling diabetes, boost up the energy, fat burning and promotes youthful and healthy skin.


Chrysanthemum Tea


  • Chrysanthemum Tea

It is the most effectively potent herbal tea for monsoon as it has high-level B carotene which helps in creating vitamin A in the liver, in turn, it helps in treating various skin diseases and build healthy immunity. It has ‘natural coolant’ agent which lowers the body temperature when we have a high fever. It also helps in treating pimples, acne, and sore throat effectively. It also helps in to provide relief from itchiness, redness, and dryness caused in the eye during the rainy season.


Lemon Balm tea


  • Lemon Balm Tea

The tea has perennial herb whose leaves can be used for making medicines especially to fight diseases caused in monsoon such as digestion problems (which includes bloating, vomiting and intestinal gas).


Rosehip Tea


  • Rosehip Tea

In a monsoon, sore throat is the most common infection for which rosehip tea helps in curing sore throats and strengthening our immunity. It contains various vitamins such as A, C, D, and E which helps in clearing toxins, protect skin and develop strong immunity.


Basil tea


  • Basil Tea

It is the most traditional ayurvedic tea made of various miraculous natural herbs of plants. The leaves have high healing properties as during monsoon it helps to keep our immune system healthy and protects us from flu, cough, cold and bacterial infections especially for people who are prone to allergies.



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