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still find hard to make a decision. So, we have tried to categorize to help you select the perfect tea for you. It basically depends on the purpose for which you drink tea. It could be for health benefits, flavor, caffeine content, price and much more. So to start with, you need to figure out for what purpose you are buying tea. Following 5 aspects may help you choose your kind of tea.

1. Health Benefits: If you are looking for a tea with immense health benefits, then you must get your hands on these:

• Dragon well Tea:  This is one of the most famous teas from China and flooded with numerous health benefits. It may help fight cancers and tumors. Dragon well tea is great for strengthening the immune system and helps to keep the viruses and bacteria at bay.

• Matcha Green Tea: This finely powdered tea works astonishingly as a stress buster and helps improve your energy level. There is much more about Matcha Tea. It helps fortify your immune system too.

2.It’s all about flavor:  There are people who prefer mild or strong tea. You must choose your drink according to your taste. Know which one is perfect according to your flavor.

• White Silver Needle Tea:  This is one of the mildest teas of all and on the top list. The White needle is one of the most expensive teas but easily available. It is the perfect cup for those who like sweet and delicate flavors.

• Sencha Tea: Now that’s the strong green tea to energize you. Have you ever felt lazy and sleepy while working in office? Then, Sencha is going to be the solution for kicking all that dullness. This one is not too expensive and easily available.

3.Crazy about caffeine:  Tea is all about caffeine content. Most people drink tea for its caffeine level. It acts on the brain memory and helps improve it. People with lung diseases can surely gulp some sips of caffeinated tea as it is good for the lung health. Not only these, caffeine perks up the detoxifying process also. Matcha tea and silver needle tea contain a high level of caffeine content. So, you can get those teas to relish the caffeine benefits.

4.Price does matter: No matter how many times we ignore but the price is one of the main factors while selecting your type of tea. Black tea is comparatively cheaper than green tea or any other teas.

• White tea: It can be totally a part of your morning bed tea as it won’t be a load on your pocket. This tea comes in numerous varieties that you can check on our website.

• Oolong Tea: This one is also light on your wallet. Oolong tea is only 8-10% oxidized and falls in between green tea and black tea. It has a lighter taste than green tea and comes in mild ones.

5.Quality: Some prefer quality over price. They don’t mind to pay more if getting a really good cup of tea. The quality of tea depends on its taste and benefits. They are a few teas which come with a pack of good taste and health benefits. There are flavored teas also which enhance the taste and quality. If you are looking for some extraordinary tea with added flavors, you can go through our website.

Consider these points to select your type of tea and break the monochrome of buying that regular one. Be specific and selective.

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