5 Fascinating Teas that Make You Slim

Being healthy is about eating right and exercising regularly and leading a moderate lifestyle with not too many schedule shake-up’s, To a certain degree, being healthy is also about getting rid of that excess fat which is not always an easy task. Here are 5 teas that will keep you slim:

Rose Tea

    • Peppermint Tea- This tea is known to speed-up digestion which helps the body burn more calories. It is best to rotate this tea with green tea as the latter also has similar properties. This refreshingly light tea can be had with honey.
    • Green Tea- The EGCG that this tea contains speeds-up body metabolism and can help you lose an impressive 70 calories per day. Regular consumption can help you shed those kilos and it has no side effects.
    • Star Anise Tea- This tea is an excellent digestive. Chronic indigestion and diarrhea leads to loss of nutrients and also makes you hungry faster. Regular consumption of this tea stabilizes your digestive system and makes you feel fuller. Resultantly, you eat less food and end up losing weight.
    • Rose Tea- This is a very popular flavoring tea and is a mixture of tea buds and fresh roses. It has fat burning properties and clears toxins from the body.
  • Oolong Tea- This semi-fermented tea is considered to be even more beneficial than green tea as far as weight-loss in concerned. It prevents fat accumulation in the body and has fat-burning properties too.

Regularity Counts

There is no doubt about the fact that regular consumption of green, herbal, black and white teas is beneficial to overall health. But the teas that we just talked about are excellent fat-busters and metabolism-boosters. Now you can drink your way to a slim you with these fascinating 5 teas.



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