5 Surprising Health Benefits of Tea you probably didn’t know

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Tea you probably didn’t know

It has been our innate desire to fling tea into our system to wake us up. But ever thought that one small habit of drinking tea can help address most of our health problems? Yes, you read it right; tea has numerous health benefits that can help prevent many of our health problems. Tea has some magical ingredients that can totally be helpful in numerous ways.

So, before expanding your tea options know the health benefits tea is loaded with. There are some nourishing reasons this sweet and soothing drink has been around for over 500 years. There are thousands of blends of tea, each with its own flavor and the right kind of tea has lot of benefits. Let’s look over the goodness of tea.

1. Weight loss with tea: Go green for weight loss and choose green tea to get fit. Green tea has some amazing hidden advantages that can absolutely be the part of your weight loss diet and process. Green tea is non-oxidized tea high in catechins, a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants contain nutrients that protect your cells from damage and boost overall body function. Green tea’s qualities are just as strong as the other antioxidant-rich foods like nuts and spinach.

2. Say, yes to detox with tea: Over time toxins keep building up in our body and add stress or pressure to our organ system and blood flow. So, it is necessary to detox the body to get rid of those toxins. Some teas contain probiotics that are healthy bacteria and help improve the immunity of our body. Holistic Heart Dark Tea is one of the teas which can show you the right way to detoxifying your body. It contains rose petals which are known to be very efficient for the detox process. the perfect gift for the tea lovers in your family.

3. Helps ward off headaches, allergies and illness: Blended teas have always been the first priority of tea lover’s kitchen. Blend ginger with tea and it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, which helps prevent headache-causing swelling. Ginger may work great magic at soothing an upset stomach. So, anytime if you suffer from a headache don’t forget to drink a cup of tea infused with ginger, like the peppy peach tea.

White and black teas have been known for their efficiency to fight against flu virus with a particular type of catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

4. The one with anti-cancer benefits: White tea is made from the same plants as green and black tea but contains a high level of polyphenols that include catechins, tannins, theaflavins and flavonoids. These natural occurring nutrients are supposed to be loaded with anti-cancer benefits. Wondering what a tea with anti-cancer benefits would taste like? Don’t worry it has the most subtle flavors among the rest of the teas-sweet, floral or spicy; and when it has been once brewed, it is actually light yellow in color. In addition to white tea, even green tea brew is known for its anti-cancer properties. Green tea is an anti-inflammatory and also high in polyphenols that can help to prevent and slow down the growth of cancer cells. Three cups of a day of white tea are the recommended level of consumption to gain cancer prevention benefits.

5. Tea v/s blood pressure: If we take a competition between tea and blood pressure, tea will undoubtedly win. Black tea helps towards maintaining cardiovascular health and it has been seen that black tea drinkers may experience a lower rate of diastolic and systolic blood pressure. The fact is drinking as little as one cup of tea per day helps enhance a healthy arterial function and blood pressure.

So, add zesty and spicy tea flavors to your daily routine and relish its flavors besides preventing your small health problems too. We all have preventions in our home but still we overlook them and find solutions outside. Switch to natural preventions and try staying fit at all times.

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