6 Amazing Tips for Making Terrific Ice Tea This Summer

6 Amazing Tips for Making Terrific Ice Tea This Summer

Summer can get really hot at times which drains energy from the individuals which makes them tired, sweaty and exhausted. Ice tea is the best pitcher to deal against summer’s hot temperature. It has been seen that tea is the best antioxidant which flushes toxins from the body. Ice tea, on the other hand, deals with providing cool experience to the individuals along with antioxidant benefits.

Brewing your own ice tea? Need tips? Brewing ice tea on your own will allow you to use an appropriate measure to make Ice tea which contains all essential items to replenish a healthy body.

Here are the essential tips to be known when brewing a tasty and cool Ice tea:-

1)    Use Filtered Or Spring Water

Filtered or Mineral water is the healthiest water as it contains maximum minerals. When it is mixed with a compound mixture of tea leaves it creates a distinctive essence of flavors which boost the taste of the tea.

2)    Use Fresh Tea Leaves

It is essential to use fresh tea leaves as it contains oil which lends the flavor to it. But since oil in leaves breaks down over time, instead of buying tea bags, buy loose tea leaves as the leaves need room to release flavor of the oil. If you are fond of using tea bags then use pyramid shape ones which gives more room for the tea leaves to brew.

3)    Maintain the temperature level

When brewing ice tea from tea leaves or tea bags use appropriate temperature of boiling water (212°F). After getting the essential flavors from warm water use cooler water with temperature (170° to 180°F) to have effective ice tea flavor, otherwise, alternate temperature would result in a bitter flavor.

4)    Use enough quantity of water

When brewing ice tea use 1.5 to 2 teaspoons per cup of water with bigger leaves or flowers. Then stir it quickly to let the compound dissolve otherwise keep it in a refrigerator to cool.

5)    Steep Up to Appropriate Level

It is important for ice tea to be steeped for 3 to 5 minutes. Over steeping beyond the required time would create tannins and other bitter-tasting compound dominating the essential flavor of the ice tea.

6)    Keep a check on Sugar Level

For making a healthy ice tea use optimum quantity of sugar alternatives rather than sugar which can also make ice tea flavor worsen and unhealthy for body leading to weight gain. That is why it is better to use sugar alternatives like natural sweet ingredient like fresh berries, honey or if you are diabetic using sugar-free is the best alternative.



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