6 Wonders you must know about organic matcha tea

6 Wonders You Must Know About Organic Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is the most versatile tea that can be blended into any flavor or recipe. This tea is much exhilarating than other green teas because when we boil regular teas be it green, white or black, we throw the leaves away which causes losing on some nutrients with it. But with matcha tea, it’s not like that. Matcha tea leaves are ground into fine powder, which can be easily mixed with hot water. This fine powder boosts the potential of this tea and we can get its polyphenols and the plethora of health benefits. Apart from this, Matcha tea can be used in other ways too. From lattes to brownies, Matcha tea can be part of almost everything.

Exceptional Green Tea

We usually throw out the leaves of other green teas but it is not like that with the organic matcha tea, as it is literally a powdered tea. With matcha, you are drinking the actual leaves, which have been processed finely into powder. What could be better than to ingest the actual benefits of the tea? Matcha tea preparation includes covering the tea plants with shade cloths before they have been harvested. This kindles the growth of leaves with superior flavor and texture. The amazing part of this tea preparation is that matcha tea leaves are hand selected.

More Health benefits

Each tea is packed with some health benefits. Same goes with matcha tea also, but as it is finely grounded and powdered matcha tea provides some additional benefits. Matcha tea is rich in anti-oxidants called polyphenols, which have been packed to help provide protection against heart disease and cancer. It is like preventing your body from various health problems with just one tea because it has more benefits that assist in checking blood sugar, anti-aging and blood pressure. Are these benefits enough? No, there is more, polyphenol in matcha tea known as EGCG helps boost up the metabolism and slows down the growth of fat cells.

Organic Matcha Tea

Tea Contains caffeine

Matcha tea contains three times the caffeine in comparison to a single cup of steeped tea as through this tea we are consuming whole leaves. Have you ever heard getting an “alert calm” buzz with a tea? Because of the natural substance called I-theanine, matcha induces relaxation, kickstarts your vigor and chases away all drowsiness. So always remember not to drink matcha tea just before your bed time otherwise you will have a sleepless night. It has been advised that this tea should be had at least six hours before bedtime. So say adios to all dullness with the organic matcha tea!

Meditation with Matcha Tea

Matcha tea has myriads of rewards and the greatest one of them is that reduces the cortisol hormone. Basically, it is a stress hormone that messes up with the appetite and results in belly fat. Matcha tea helps reduce all that unwelcome stress! Prepare your cup of matcha tea and sip down the relaxation leaving behind all the anxiety. Matcha tea helps give you a stress free life.

Infuse matcha with your daily meal

Matcha is like the best buddy of chefs, not alone as a beverage, but also as an ingredient in both savory and sweet recipes. Do you love experimenting with food? Then matcha tea is going to be your next ingredient you will love to play with. You can make matcha muffins, puddings and brownies, soups and even guacamole! Another astonishing fact about matcha tea is that you can lose weight with it while experimenting. The savory flavor of umami food made with matcha tea is known to help cut down those extra inches and helps you look fit.

Distinct taste of matcha tea

Matcha tea tastes like grass or spinach and also consists of an umami taste with a strong flavor. But the fact is that the bitterness of organic matcha tea depends on the quality. Higher the quality of matcha tea the lesser the bitterness. High quality always comes at a cost. So fresh, pure and superior quality organic matcha tea is gonna cost you. Go high on quality and taste when opting for this wonderful concoction. Make organic matcha tea your all time preference.

Now that you are aware of the wonders of organic matcha tea, make it your best buddy and relish the various benefits and palatable recipes! Eat and drink matcha tea!

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