8 Tea Based Drinks To Make Your Thanks Giving Party Zesty

8 Tea Based Drinks To Make Your Thanks Giving Party Zesty

When Thanks Giving day arrives everyone needs some drinks with turkey, preferably sweet, stirred and healthy too. Every time when we think about the meal plan, we find ourselves stuck! What different drinks could be made that are preferably healthy too? As drinks are indispensable for party feasts, so, there must be variety to amaze your guests with great flavors. What if you get to know with just tea you can add delicious, healthy and variety of drinks to your Thanks Giving Feast? Yes, you read it right! With these tea-based drinks you can make your Thanks Giving party, the most happening one amongst your friends.

1. Cantaloupe Daiquiri: Worried about friends who love to drink tea at any time of the day or at any occasion? Wouldn’t it be really great for them if they get something unexpected flavor of tea this Thanks Giving feast? Say Happy Thanksgiving with this Cantaloupe Daiquiri which is gonna be the best drink for them. Just two main ingredients: tea and frozen cubed cantaloupe make this drink brisk that helps to regulate blood pressure and is full of potassium with great taste.

2. Carrot Bloody Maria: Take your tea as tons of diabetes-busting element yet delicious with the courtesy of carrot on this Thanks Giving occasion. This is the perfect drink for health conscious people who prefer healthy drinks. Give them the experience of a delectable drink which is both healthy as well as good in taste.

3. Green Iced Tea: A lot can happen when the green tea meets with the cucumber. This is the most common of all tea drinks that always save you when you run out of beverages or don’t have enough time to prepare anything else to go with party meal. Easy to make and delicious drink that can be the part of your Thanks Giving party. Thanks to green tea and cucumber for this one goes down easy.

4. Pear Honeybush: Combination of fresh pear juice and tea can be the best drink of your Thanks Giving party that helps to regulate digestion also. A simple and easy to make drink that will totally give a sweet taste of pears with tea to your guests.

5. Dutch Tea: What could be better than tea and ice-cream? Teenagers are going to love this drink on this Thanks Giving. Just whip cocoa with sugar, add the right dash of tea and you can have a delectable drink for your party to rock in a healthy way. Cocoa with tea works wonderfully to give a sweet taste with turkey that will surely let everyone lost in the taste of Dutch tea.

6. Journeyman’s Dilemma: Have you tried Darjeeling tea? If not, you must now; Black tea that helps to lower your blood pressure and when blend with the amazing flavor of simple rose syrup it can be your Thanks Giving special drink. Cooled black tea is the best way to celebrate this festive day with the sweetness of the rose syrup.

7. Front Porch Peach Tea: Okay! Now this one’s the bomb of sweetness. The mixture of sweet tea and lemonade is filled with the freshness that will make your turkey meal all the more mouth-watering and you will surely need this beverage after a couple of rounds.

8. Hibiscus Mojito Tea Sparkler: Looking for an all new refreshing drink this Thanks Giving day? Then here is your solution. Easy to make and revitalizing drink, with the flavors of lime hibiscus tea and mint leaves that will taste great with turkey and will lighten up your mood after a frantic day of festive preparation.

So, this time around add these tempting and healthy tea brews to your Thanks Giving feast and make this occasion zestier. Try something different on this Turkey Day and let your party be the talk of the town.



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