8 Tea Desserts for a Healthy New Year Bash

8 Tea Desserts For A Healthy New Year Bash

New Year is around the corner and it’s high time to get prepared for the bash. New Year Eve is the most enliven time of the year and people forget to take care of their health. So, why not to make this Eve a unique one? Every year we all make resolutions to be hale and hearty but fail to complete it. New Year Eve is the right moment to initiate those promises. This time let’s celebrate New Year in a healthy way with various tea based desserts.

1. Banana Cupcakes with Black Tea Cherry Frosting: Cupcakes are the most demanding dessert for any celebration. So, why not to make it part of the New Year after meal dessert? Include a few black tea bags while whipping up a lot of cupcakes and relish the flavors that will amaze you. As Everyone knows black tea boosts the cardiovascular function and helps to secrete five times the interferon and group of proteins that will protect the body from bacteria. There won’t be any worry with these banana cupcakes with black tea as they are just 300 calories per cupcake.

2. Matcha Tea cake filled with vanilla and honey: Matcha Tea is definitely the best tea for weight loss. What if you get to know that you can relish its flavor in cake also? Yes, make matcha tea the part of your cake recipe with vanilla honey cream cheese frosting as well as boost your metabolism in a delicious way.

3. Caramels with the fillings of jasmine tea: There is no reason to pop these delectable caramels into your mouth, but it has a few reasons. Jasmine tea is the mixture of white and black tea, so, that means it is loaded with benefits of both the teas. It has a plus point of fat blocking and protection from infection. It also improves the metabolism and perfect dessert for the party. Go carefree of putting on weight with these baby-size bites.

4. Black Tea Apple Pie: As the name itself sounds too healthy with its two main ingredients black tea and apple pie, both enhance the cardiovascular performance. In real, the fruit contains an exercise endurance antioxidant called quercetin. Isn’t it great? A pie with such health benefits, there won’t be worry before having a bite, not even of weight gain. It contains black tea that helps in weight loss. Party and diet can go together with this dessert.

8 Tea Desserts

5. Green Tea Ice Cream: On this chilly New Year Eve attain all the flat-belly green tea and yogurt benefits with the help of this green tea ice cream cup. Who doesn’t want to have desserts without the fear of gaining weight? This ice cream is low in calories and fat. So, satiate your ice cream cravings without any guilt.

6. Matcha Tea Donuts: Donuts and diet the two D’s that don’t go together and especially on New Year Eve. But with the touch of matcha tea, you can relish the donuts without taking in more than just 200 calories. These matcha tea donuts are the best for the diabetes patients who love desserts but can’t have them.

7. Mango Green Tea Pops: Mango and green tea sounds something interesting? With these two nutritious ingredients and a plethora of waist carving benefits, these pops absolutely deserve some praise. These will rock your New Year party and give your friends the enticing flavors. A special attraction for ladies who follow a strict diet, they don’t have to break it on New Year’s Eve with this dessert recipe.

8. Jasmine Tea and White Chocolate Whoopie Pie: A simple and easy to make dessert recipe can be your best buddy for New Year Eve party. Two cookies and sandwiching them with cream and jasmine tea filling- whoopie pie are straight up admirable. This jasmine tea version whoopee pies are just full of 352 calories that will appropriate for the weight loss goals.

On this New Year do something unusual and make your party the talk of the town in an exclusive way. Tea is part of our daily routine, so why not to do some experiments and compress delightful delicacies out of them. You can make more luscious desserts with various blended teas. Check out our website for a range of teas that can be part of your party meal.

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