Sublime Benefits of Elderberry Herbal Tea that will amaze you

Sublime Benefits of Elderberry Herbal Tea that will amaze you

Who says drinking herbal tea is boring? Herbal teas have always been the first priority for medicinal benefits that taste good too. People have found herbal teas so naturally lucrative that they choose it over capsules. Same goes with elderberry herbal tea. This sweet-tart brew helps to prevent many health problems with the soothing flavor of elderberries. The enticing elderberry essence is known for its several remedial and healing properties. For decades elderberry has been known for its culinary and medicinal benefits and when it is blended with tea it comes out as a brilliant concoction. Let’s read what elderberry herbal tea can do.

1. Keeps your common cold away: Elderberry herbal tea is the best choice during the cold and flu season. This savory tea is stuffed with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that prevent cold and flu as well as help boost your immune system. Not only this, the tea is also lucrative for breaking the fever and pain caused by it. But the question is how this tea works? When you drink elderberry drink it breaks the congestion and soothes your sore or irritated throat. Add a dash of lemon or honey to the elderberry blend for making it more potent against cold and flu.

2. Act as a body cleanser: Herbal teas have always been an amazing choice for detoxifying your body. The elderberry herbal tea too is known for its purging properties. It has some incredible constituents that help enhance the function of the liver and kidneys. Better functioning leads to cleansing and detoxifies the body from germs and harmful chemicals. Detoxifying speeds up the recovery time from surgeries and accidents. Elderberry tea purifies the blood and increases the health of internal body organs.

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3. Good for inflammation: Can a tea be helpful for joint pains or arthritis? The answer is yes. Elderberry herbal tea works efficiently in the case of arthritis and pains. People who suffer from these problems should drink this tea four times a day. Elderberry tea acts as the finest supplement for pain managements. This tea also enhances the recovery process of the surgeries and provides relief in back pain and swellings.

4. Beautifies the skin: A regular habit of drinking tea can actually be beneficial for smooth and clear skin. And elderberry herbal tea can be the prime option for getting a wonderful complexion and acne free skin. One good habit and it can change many things. Apart from enjoying the benefits by consuming it as a beverage, elderberry herbal tea can be applied on the face as well, after it has cooled. Applying it on bruises, burns, sores, cuts, rashes and bug bites can give relief from itching and pain as well as improves the healing process.

Ain’t the benefits of the Elderberry herbal tea absolutely stunning? Let’s now glance at how it can be brewed and what can be added to enhance its flavor.

How to brew Elderberry Herbal Tea?

A refreshing cup of elderberry herbal tea is easy to brew. You just need to steep one tea bag of this tea for a single cup of boiled water. Let it set for 10 to 15 minutes for desired strength of tea. Then, you can add some honey or one tablespoon of lemon for desired extra flavor.

Elderberry has much more benefits but these are the most prime ones. The vitamins this tea contains are so incredible that you will make this tea a part of your schedule. Elderberry herbal tea can be the drink for medicinal uses as well as to relish the flavors. It is advised that pregnant ladies should first consult their doctor or medical practitioner before consuming the elderberry tea.

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