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Different Ways to Flavor Green Tea

There is no doubt about the fact that Green Tea is good for your health, but sipping on it every single day, with no variation in flavor, can get a little monotonous. This is especially relevant since adding sugar to green tea nullifies its medicinal properties and the addition of milk ruins its herbal taste.

Flavoring it Right

If you want to cut down on the calories and ensure that you are getting all the medicinal benefits of green tea, its important to have it in its original form. But there are a number of ways in which it can be more interesting. Take a look at how you can add different natural flavorings to your everyday coconut green tea to make it more palatable and interesting:

  • Cinnamon- Adding a tsp of powdered cinnamon/ a few strips of this spice, makes green tea taste and smell better.
  • Cardamom- You can use the pods or the powdered version. If you are using pods, simply let them steep with the tea bags in the hot water. Cardamom power can be added to the green tea at any time as it lets out its flavor much faster
  • Bay Leaves- Keep in mind that these have a very strong flavor and should be used with discretion. But when you add it to the hot water along with the green tea bags in the right proportion, it can clear nasal congestion in jiffy.
  • Cloves- If you like a peppery flavor in your green tea, simply add some cloves to it. It will turn a simple drink into an exotic one in no time at all.
  • Lemon Drops- You can add lemon drops in conjunction with honey, to the green tea. It tastes fantastic and is truly refreshing too.
  • Ginger Extract- Just dice a few pieces of ginger and let them steep with the green tea in the hot water. Ginger is known for its medicinal properties- is a decongestant and aids digestion too. If you so like, you can up its flavor quotient and add some lemon drops and honey to your ginger green tea as well
  • Vanilla Extract- This is something you can add to the green tea once it has cooled down. Though not everyone likes this flavor, some like the pleasant taste that it adds to the green tea. the

Cheers to Good Health:

You can use either green tea bags or just the leaves and follow the directions on the pack while you are brewing your tea. Its important that you do not boil the tea and must get the temperature of the water right. Green tea has a number of health benefits and the addition of these natural ingredients only adds to them. If you are one of those people who do not drink green tea because you don’t like the taste, take the flavor route and spike your beverage with natural spices and flavors. It’s a great way drinking to good health the tasty way.



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