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The Golden Monkey Black Tea is a legendary Chinese tea with equally legendary health benefits.  This tea is grown in China’s Fujian province and is a tippy and smooth tea that has rich and full cocoa undertones. It’s flavorful and very low in tannins. This tea also has significantly more caffeine than other teas like white or green tea. The caffeine helps in boosting metabolism thus speeding up weight-loss but it is also important to note that it has 20 % less caffeine than coffee has.

Golden Monkey Black Tea

The Antioxidant Effect

Golden Monkey Black Tea has much less epigallocatechin gallate than any green tea and it is high in theoflavins and thearubigens. These compounds have been found to be very effective antioxidants. A study that was conducted in the Netherlands found that there was a connection between the regular consumption of this tea and a reduced risk of stroke. The researchers concluded this tea reduces bad cholesterol or LDL, in the body. LDL tends to lead to heart attacks and stroke.

Preventive in Coronary Disease

They also discovered that men who drank more than 4 cups of black tea every day were at a much lower risk of a stroke in comparison to men who drank only 2-3 cups per day. Another study was carried out in Saudi Arabia that showed that regular consumption of a black tea such as the Golden Monkey Black Tea can reduce risk of coronary heart disease by 50% percent. A 4-month study that was carried out in the U.S found that regular consumption of black tea reversed the abnormal functioning of blood vessels that might contribute to a stroke or a heart attack.

Numerous Benefits

Golden Monkey Black Tea also contains a substance that behaves very much like Precose and Glyset, both of which are Type2 diabetes drugs. The tea contains more of a polysaccharide compound, in comparison to either Oolong or Green Tea say researchers at China’s Tianjin University. It is a well known fact that tea polysaccharides bring down blood sugar levels. Golden Monkey Black Tea also:

•    Improves digestion
•    Makes skin healthier
•    Reduces body fats
•    Promotes energy
•    Prevents cancers
•    Stimulates the circulatory system
•    Promotes healthy bones and teeth
•    Stimulates the circulatory system
•    Alleviates cardiovascular stherosclerosis

A Flavorful Brew

Golden Monkey Black Tea can be blended with other teas and special recipes can be created from it. It can be combined beautifully with Rooibos, Oolong and White Tea. This tea has hairy tips and that is what probably gives it its unique name. The dry tea leaves that are black and golden in color are also shaped like a monkey’s claw. Once it is brewed, Golden Monkey Black Tea has a smooth and brisk taste right from the 1st sip and also has a very distinctive flavor. It can also be brewed a little longer to get a thicker liquid that would have a sweet aftertaste. This superlative tea is flavorful and full-bodied and a treasure-house of health benefits.



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