Green Tea Benefits Vs White Tea Benefits

This is the first question that crops up in the mind of individuals who enjoy drinking good tea. Tea is not only a pleasant and comfy drink; it also has an array of healing properties. There are many variety of tea in the market. Out of them, green tea and white tea are more popular among serious tea enthusiasts.
Green Tea Benefits Vs White Tea Benefits

If you too are a serious tea enthusiast, you would like to research more about these two varieties, white and green, before making an informed decision. Though you might get more information on the benefits of drinking green tea, but the benefits of drinking white tea is no less. Both of these tea varieties come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. While green tea is found in China and Japan, white tea exclusively comes from the Fujian province of China.
White tea has a sweet and subtle flavor. It is derived from immature, unopened buds of the plant. On the other hand, green tea is made from the matured leaves of the plant. If we compare the amount of antioxidants present in these two types of tea, white tea contains three times the amount of antioxidants that green tea has. It is because white tea is not fermented at all while green tea undergoes partial fermentation while processing.
White tea and green tea also differ in the amount of caffeine they contain. White tea contains less caffeine than green tea. Average caffeine content in a cup of white tea is only 15 mg where as it is 20 mg in a cup of green tea.
Both green and white tea contain multiple healing properties. They boost immune system, have anti-aging properties and maintain the body’s fluid balance. But white tea contains more antibacterial and antiviral properties than green tea.
So, what can be concluded here is that both green and white tea offers numerous health benefits. But still, white tea has an edge over green tea for many good reasons.



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