How Health & Awesomeness come in a cup of TEA

How Health And Awesomeness Come In A Cup Of Tea

Get your hands on those saucer cups and gulp down the tea to relish its awesomeness. It has been scientifically proven that tea has amazing health benefits. It is one of the herbs that is infused with superb health benefits and zesty flavors. But what makes it really Divine? Though it comes with a lot of variety you must be wondering what tea can do or how it can be beneficial? Let’s read it out and know all about tea.

1. Helps boost exercise endurance: We all know how good is green tea for weight loss and catechins present in it for our health. But did you know green tea is good for muscle endurance as well as for our heart health?

2. Helps against cancer: It helps work as a shield against a boatload of cancers, that includes colon, skin, ling, stomach, esophagus and oral cancers. Thus, it helps in its prevention. So drink it and stay away from cancer with its cancer-fighting benefits.

3. It helps to fight free radicals: We all know how too much sun rays can harm us, health wise as well as beauty too. But the good news is that green tea can be your back-up as sunscreen. People who drink green tea on daily basis have a lesser chance of getting affected by the UV rays.

4. Control metabolism with tea: This is your best buddy to boost your metabolism and lower BMI. Specialists have speculated that regular tea drinkers face lower risks of metabolic syndrome, which is good for your health. It also helps reduce the risk of diabetes, artery diseases and stroke.

5. Some plus points for smokers: If you are a regular smoker then there is good news for you. Tea can actually help cut some of the negative effects of smoking and even might lessen the risk of lung cancer. But yes it is just good news not a justification for smoking. So, drink it and minimize your risks.

6. Helpful for the recovery from radiation: A study has proven that it can be very helpful to protect you against cellular degeneration from the exposure to radiation and another has found that it can also be beneficial for skin bounce back post-exposure.

7. Miracles of Green Tea: It works as a magic to help improve bone mineral density and strength. Not only this, it works as the effective agent for helping prevent and treatment of neurological diseases. There is so much in our nature which works superbly for our health.

Things to Consider at the Time of Brewing Tea  


Things To Consider at the Time of Brewing Tea

1. Water: Whenever you are brewing tea always remember to use fresh drawn and cold water to prepare. Try to opt for purified and spring water because they are relatively pollutant free and won’t let affect other substances that can alter the taste of tea.

2. Temperature: It is one of the most important factors to consider while brewing tea. The fact is the range of temperature depends on the variety of tea, from green to white. They all need to be made at a different level of temperature. It affects the sweetness of the tea.

3. The material of Tea Pot: It affects the quality of infusion and the taste. It is preferred to use iron or Chinese Yixing ware for the perfect brewing of tea. These two are good at retaining heat for long period.

Now that you are aware of all the benefits and know-how about the tea, make it your daily habit and relish the goodness filled in every cup. If you are having doubts about which one to buy, go through our website and select your type of tea.

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