Herbal Tea can Control Acid Reflux

There are times when we find that the liquid or food inside our stomach is flowing right back through our esophagus/food pipe and causing a great deal of discomfort. This discomfort that you feel is called “acid reflux”. The Esophageal sphincter is an entire group of muscle fibers that are located right at the end of the food pipe and prevents all the contents of your stomach from flowing-back.

But when this sphincter does not close properly, acid reflux is what you experience. This particular condition leads to a great deal of heartburn and esophageal irritation. If you have been experiencing acid reflux occasionally, it’s possible to control it by curbing on the consumption of beverages and oily foods. Making lifestyle changes like getting enough of exercise also helps.

The Benefits

But if you have been suffering from very regular bouts of this condition, then Herbal Tea is the right remedy for you. Check out what it does for you. Herbal tea is essentially an infusion of hot water and fresh/ dried parts of plants such as fruits, flowers, seeds and roots.

  • This concoction contains significant amounts of polyphenols. These are the antioxidants which protect the body as they prevent the damage that is caused by any free radicals. Consuming Herbal Tea on a regular basis aids the digestion process. If you drink this tea after having eaten a heavy meal, it will help in digesting all the rich food
  • Herbal Tea also regulates the amount of gastric acid that is secreted by your body
  • Tea that contains chamomile soothes the esophageal lining and your stomach and has anti-spasmodic & anti-inflammatory properties , which calms the irritated lining
  • This tea is also very beneficial in relieving pain that you get from an upset stomach

The Best Herbal Tea

If you suffer from acid reflux and have decided to drink this tea, it is important that you pick the right one. You will find teas that contain caffeine and ones that don’t. Stay away from the former as these will trigger acid reflux, and settle for the decaf variety.  The ingredients that you should be looking for in the Herbal Tea you choose are:

  • Allspice
  • Chamomile
  • Anise seed
  • Chicory root
  • Fennel
  • Ginger root
  • Lavender

How it Helps

In order that Herbal Tea be effective, it is important that you consume it 2-3 times per day. This tea is harmless and will not have a negative impact even if you consume it in slightly larger quantities as all the ingredients are natural and herbal in nature. Not only will it alleviate the acid reflux symptoms, but will also enhance your overall well-being as it:

  • Calms you down
  • Has cleansing properties
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Relieves cough& cold
  • Helps in giving you a peaceful sleep

If your acid reflux condition is very severe, and the Herbal Tea is not effective in easing the symptoms, consult your doctor for the proper treatment and medication.



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