How Green Tea Can Make you Beautiful

How Green Tea Can Make you Beautiful

Tea is a drink for all seasons- when its cold- you can drink it warm and when it’s warm outside you can sip on a cup of chilled tea to make you feel refreshed and happy. And so, as the seasons change, so will your teas but did you know that green tea has some beauty benefits, regardless of the time of the year it’s used or consumed in?

Beauty Benefits of Green Tea:

This concept is not a new or current trend. Green tea has been used for centuries as a beauty treatment and helps in improving the appearance of the hair and skin. It has very rich anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Take a look at what it can do for you:

    • Shiny hair- It adds a distinct shine to dull and lackluster hair. Rinse your hair with green tea and it will boost brassy & snazzy strands. Just steep green tea bags for around 15 minutes in boiling water & allow it to cool overnight or at least for a few hours. Wash your hair and pour the tea over your hair and leave it on for 10 minutes. Ensure that you shampoo & condition it to seal in the sheen. 
    • Soothes sunburns– if you have dared to go into the sun without dabbing on your sunscreen, worry not- green tea will come to your rescue. Try some green tea cold compress. Simply place it on the sunburned spots and see the inflammation vanish in no time at all. 
    • Minimize Bug Bites– Children love playing in the grass but mosquitoes and other bugs have a field day too. The kids end-up coming home with stings & bumps. Simply apply a cold green tea bag on the area and see the angry redness dissipating before your eyes. 
    • Reduces Puffiness– Green tea is excellent for reduction of under-eye dark circles and puffiness. The caffeine in the cold tea bags that you place on your eyes, helps in shrinking the blood vessels around them, thus reducing puffiness and dark circles. 
    • Rids Foot Odor– If you feel that you have smelly feet after a long day at work with your feet encased in socks and heavy shoes, simply soak your feet in a cooling green tea solution. The tannic acid that the tea has antifungal and antibacterial properties and prevents sweating too. 
    • Skin Toning– Simply spritz some cooling green tea all over your face or apply it with a cotton ball. It shrinks the large pores and also draws out all the impurities and you are left with a healthy glow. 
  • After Shaving– If your skin feels itchy after you have shaved, simply press a cold green tea bag over it. The tannins in the tea provides immediate relief from the razor burns.

These are the different ways in which green tea can leave you looking beautiful. But don’t forget that consuming it on a regular basis also helps in getting all its goodness into your body and makes you healthy and beautiful, inside out.



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