Ice Wine Tea Health Benefits

Ice Wine Tea is world-renowned for its distinctive flavor. This luxury black tea is blended with freeze dried grapes that make it luscious and full-bodied. This copper colored brew is aromatic and is steeped in the fruity and heady flavors of white grapes. But that’s not all, it has hints of berries and caramel as well as a touch of a pear flavor. All these mild yet sensuous flavors go into making this tea a blend that is hard to let go.

Ice Wine Tea

The Flavor of Grapes

Its unique flavor comes from grapes that are first fully-ripened and frozen on the vine and then picked to make the Ice Wine Tea. This process is labor intensive and delicate. Resultantly relatively small quantities of Ice Wine Tea are produced but it is distinctly sweeter and richer than other Teas. This expensive tea has a refreshing flavor and also tastes very crisp, somewhat like grapes and Goji Berries mixed together. Most people will have it without adding any sugar or sweetener.

Its Health Benefits

No doubt, the Ice Wine Tea is a rejuvenating and refreshing beverage, but what is more notable is that it has numerous health benefits. Medical research has suggested that Ice Wine Tea:

• Helps in lowering blood pressure
• Lowers cholesterol levels
• Regulates blood sugar
• Helps in prevention of cancer
• Reduces the risk of obesity
• Helps in controlling stress
• Helps in bowel regulation
• Has anti-inflammatory properties
• Is an anti-pathogen
• Reduces diabetes risk
• Helps in maintaining oral health
• Prevents alzhiemer’s

Apart from all of these benefits, Ice Wine Tea also might have some anti-cancerous properties. It does this by inhibiting oxidative changes that occur in DNA from some carcinogens and free radicals. It keeps the blood vessels soft and also stimulates the heart very gently. The fluoride in Ice Wine Tea strengthens tooth enamel and can help in reducing formation of plaque.

And Some More…

Ice Wine Tea also contains sizeable amounts of polyphenols and amino acids which have the ability to dilate blood vessels and raise the expansion-force of capillaries to kill germs or bacteria. Ice Wine Tea also has diuretic properties and it also protects the cardiovascular system thus reducing any risk of myocardial infarction. Ice Wine Tea is a rich source of flavonoids. These compounds have proven antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are a group of substances that very effectively protect the cells, tissues and important compounds such as DNA and protein against damage from free radicals.

Immensely Enjoyable

Antioxidants have the capacity to neutralize free radicals. Scientists believe that over time, free radicals damage various elements in the body and they also contribute to different chronic diseases. Consumption of Ice Wine Tea on a regular basis reduces these risks and helps you live a healthy life that is largely free of diseases. Of course, it is definite plus that this amazing beverage can be drunk hot or cold, with or without a sweetener. It has hints of nuts and cranberry and is exceptional in its aroma and flavor. In short, this is a delicious drink with health benefits that cannot be refuted.



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