Know about the Hidden Benefits of Green tea for your Hair

Know about the Hidden Benefits of Green tea for your Hair

Green tea is produced from the plant Camellia sinensis and basically hails its origin from China. It is becoming popular worldwide for its numerous health benefits and it is filled with antioxidants that help in fighting free radicals, interrupt the growth of bacteria and generate cancer-fighting flavonoids. At present, India has turned out to be the most well-known factory in refining the flavor of tea and accounts for the maximum export.

Researchers claim that one should sip green tea at least two to three times a day to relish its benefits, which consists of better blood circulation, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, reducing blood cholesterol, lowering the risks of cancer, and improving the immunity system. It is actually rich in anti-oxidants. So, either you love it or hate just start drinking green tea because apart from its numerous health benefits, it also has a potential to fight with the problem of hair loss by stimulating the growth of hair. So, here we are presenting a detailed explanation of some of the benefits of green tea for your hair.

Helps in making your hair lustrous:

As green tea is a good source of Vitamin C, E and polyphenols which helps in stimulating the growth of hair, in softening the hair and protecting hair from damage that happens due to pollution and harsh products. Its components are identified to boost lustrous hair, thus making it an important component in the making of shampoos and conditioners.

Helps in controlling split ends

This tea contains a good amount of vitamin B or panthenol which helps in controlling split ends and strengthens hair follicle. It is a product which is generally found in most hair care products particularly in conditioners. One can reap the benefits by either drinking it or by applying directly onto scalp which will help in encouraging the growth of healthy hair.

Provides with a Healthy Scalp

Apart from working as perfect aid for hair growth, green tea can also help in keeping the scalp healthy; thereby creating an environment that could possibly make hair more likely to grow. Few researches conducted indicate that it could act towards normalizing skin cell growth, calming skin and lowering inflammation on the scalp. However, green tea also works as a possible treatment for psoriasis and dandruff.

Helps in preventing Hair Loss

Green tea plays a key role in preventing hair loss. The anti-inflammatory properties of this tea helps in preventing hair loss and even promote the growth of new hair. The catechins found in the green tea had an inhibiting property of 5-alpha-reductase which is a DHT– the substance that causes hair loss among men and women, could be suppressed and hair loss could be avoided.

Promotes the growth of New Hair

Green tea apart from preventing hair loss, even helps in promoting the growth of new hair. So, use it to rinse out your scalp as it will fight against the scalp infections which may weaken your hair roots. A healthy scalp makes it more possible for hair to grow. The powerful antioxidants in green tea known as polyphenols are beneficial because they serve as protectors against cell damages caused by free radicals as well as slowing the process of aging. In that respect, antioxidants have the ability of keeping hair healthy and making them grow at a favorable rate.

Fights Stress & Depression:

Green tea helps in providing relief from stress and also fights from depression, which is considered as one of the major causes of hair loss.

Removes Dandruff

Green tea holds the potential for treating excessive scalp flaking and dandruff. It has antiseptic properties which make it indispensable in reducing inflammation, and therefore prevents as well as cure dandruff and psoriasis. Actually, it is believed to exfoliate dry flakes that typically form due to the presence of dandruff in one’s hair.

Use it as a hair wash

Green tea has cleansing qualities, so you can use it as a hair wash in place of your shampoos after a sweaty work out or whenever you like or you feel your hair requires some freshening up. It also works great even in hard water.

Now when you’ve got a solid reason to change your regular morning and evening drink with green tea so, now don’t just sit and think. Buy for yourself a pack of green tea and reap its maximum benefits by incorporating it into your daily routine which not only benefits your hair, but also your soul, thus providing you with complete health. Bring your great looks back by just drinking a cup of green tea each day.



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