Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea Over Coffee

Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea Over Coffee

One of the great uniters is undoubtedly a cup of tea. It can ease any problem, anytime and coffee is just as a substitute. It has been chosen over coffee for some reasons and has been proven more beneficial. According to the researches coffee neither causes any problems nor have some specific health benefits as compared with tea. You would be wondering what tea contains that it can overrule coffee. Let’s read it out!

1. Hydrates the body and replenish the fluid intake:

Tea works amazingly on a scorching hot summer day and rejuvenates you with the benefit of pure H2O fill with its delectable flavor. It is a lot more with health benefits of tea; it restores any fluids that one has lost with sweat. It is fantastic for skin too and helps to hydrate it rapidly.

2. Reduces the risk of Cancer and Tumor:

There is a magical health benefit of tea; it reduces the risk of cancer and tumor. It contains some antioxidants like polyphenols and catechins prevent cancer and tumor. But the question arises how it prevents cancer and tumor?

• Slows down the growth of cancer cells.
• Blocks formation of new blood vessels that can cause cancer.
• May guard the body’s cells against ultraviolet (UV) damage.
• Boost the immune system.

3. Tea helps to lose weight:

We all know that it has some super powers to help in lose weight and the best one for it is green tea. If you are working out to shed some pounds just add green tea to your diet and see the difference how faster it helps. Not even this, tea also helps to detoxify you and makes you healthier. But if you want to relish its benefits you must not skip it even a single day.

4. Makes your bones stronger:

All thanks to catechins present in tea that helps to make your bones stronger if consume on a regular basis. But be careful everything too much is not good. If you are a green tea lover then it is definitely the best choice for you as they develop osteoporosis that is beneficial for bones. So, have a cup of tea and have strong bones.

5. Tea is perfect for stress releaser:

Life is tough and sometimes we stuck in stressful situations. At that point of time you would just need alone time with yourself and a nice cup of tea. It has been proven that it works as a refreshment and works as an antidepressant.

6. Maintains your immune system:

We all know how much tea is helpful for our immune system but the question arises which tea is appropriate to maintain the immune system? Green tea is the answer, it works really good to help out to improve the immune system. You can add some flavors to the green tea like mint, ginger or lemon and the best time to drink it is early in the morning.

Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea Over Coffee

Did you know every Tea has its own Brewing Time?

White Tea: White tea is the purest of all the teas. It takes longer brewing time compared to other teas. Allow it to steep for 1-3 minutes for a perfect cup of white tea.

It can be brewed many times without getting bitter.

Green Tea: The ideal time for brewing green tea should be for 1-2 minutes for the first brew. If you are fond of iced tea or sweeten tea you might have to steep it a little longer.

Black Tea: The best way to brew black tea is to make it in small quantities with a ratio of more leaf comparatively to other teas, less water and 45seconds to 1 minute infusion time. The infusion time also depends on your taste if you like strong brewed black tea then you need to steep it a little longer.

Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea Over Coffee

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Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea Over Coffee



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