Reasons To Choose White Peony Tea

Reasons To Choose White Peony Tea

White peony tea is the most known Chinese white tea and all credit goes to its floral aroma. The surprising thing about the white peony is that it is least processed tea and contains a high amount of polyphenols. The tea is the great ally to fight bacteria, viruses and other agents that are harmful to your body. This tea stands out among from all the teas because of its young tea bud covered with silvery down. Did you know? This tea goes through a careful process that gives this tea an exclusive fruity and refreshing flavor. This White tea is packed with enormous health benefits that will amaze you.

1. Your best way to boost immune system: The tea is full of high-level antioxidants which strengthen your immune system. It reduces the chance of getting affected by bacteria and viruses. The healthy immune system enhances the recovery time when you fall sick. White peony tea goes great with honey too in terms of flavor as well as treating flu and cold. There is a secret; it also prevents your body from more internal damages and premature aging caused by the free radicals. Drink a cup of white peony tea and stay fit.

2. Benefits for healthy heart: It enhances the circulatory system as it contains antioxidants. It leads to a healthy heart by lowering the blood pressure as well as minimizes the bad cholesterol level. Have you ever thought that a cup of tea could prevent blood clotting? Yes, it is possible, the tea have some terrific benefit that trims down the heart problems. For a healthy heart drink this tea without sugar.

3. Good for better metabolism: The tea blends great with a healthy lifestyle. It helps you to stimulate metabolism and stimulating action will keep your mind alert. So, you won’t feel lazy anymore with this tea. White peony herb tea works well to lose weight and build you strong. A better metabolism processes food faster and takes out the unwanted waste and fats from the body. To utilize better results drink white peony tea without sugar as a hydrating drink and make this tea your healthy diet buddy.

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4. Helpful for strong bones: A regular cup of the tea helps you to have stronger bones and minimize the risk of osteoarthritis and arthritis. White peony herb tea consists of high level of antioxidants which reduces the risk of inflammation caused by these diseases.

5. Benefits for healthy stimulant: It acts as an energy drink. It holds a high level of caffeine but not as much of coffee; it is discharged slowly into the bloodstream and has a much long lasting effect. White peony herb tea works as a magic for those who experience anxiety problem. This tea consist a compound called theanine that is responsible for the calming sensation. Hence, drink white peony herb tea and be calm.

How to Brew White Peony Tea

1. Preheat the teapot simultaneously pour hot water into it to balance the heat of your tea at the time of brewing.

2. When heating is done, pour out the hot water and put 1-2 teaspoons of loose tea leaves of white peony into the teapot. If you are a strong tea lover you may add more tea to it.

3. Pour hot water over the tea leaves in the teapot and let the tea leaves steep for 2-3 minutes.

4. Then pour the tea into the cup and see its beautiful pale yellow color.

It has a startling honey fruity aroma that makes this tea sweet enough that you would not need to add sugar to it. Make this tea your daily habit and take a sip of wellness.

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Reasons To Choose White Peony Tea



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