Refresh Your Summer With Amazing Brews

Refresh Your Summer With Amazing Brews

Summer season is around the corner and it’s time to beat the heat.  It’s time to remain hydrated and enjoy some of the amazing cool drinks that will relish and relax you this summer.  When the temperature rises we usually get irritated due to many factors and one of it is dehydration. Drinking lot of fluids can help but an Ice tea can be a better option to relax this summer.

Iced tea is quite helpful to boost your immune system and also regulates the cholesterol. It has certainly all the properties of tea and offers same health advantages as tea does.  If you don’t know that Ice tea has its own holiday, although it is not widely celebrated. National Iced tea day is celebrated on June 10th. There are different ice tea that can be a perfect companion for this summer:-

  1. Lemon Flavored Black Tea

We all know Lemon is easily available and it is an acidic fruit and taste enhancer. It is quite helpful for reducing weight, improves digestion and strengthens the immune system.  Lemon flavored black tea is a blend of benefits of black tea and enticing essence of lemon. The fresh lemon refreshes you after hectic schedules and daily fatigues.

  1. Raspberry Iced Tea

Raspberry black tea, when taken in iced form, is known as Raspberry iced tea. Raspberry black tea is made from top grade orange pekoe Ceylon with natural raspberry flavoring. This tea has its origin from Sri Lanka. It has a candy-like aroma and is tangy in flavor. It is rich in antioxidants, thus helps in neutralizing free radicals. Raspberry tea has two minerals that support the immune system: iron and zinc.

  1. Yummy Fruit Iced Tea

This tea is actually quite yummy as it contains combined fruits that give tangy and sweet flavor.  This tea is a natural stress buster, improves digestion and helps in reducing weight. It is good for skin and teeth and helps in replenishing tissues. 

  1. Bella Coola Iced Tea

Bella Coola iced tea is meant to lure the taste buds of those who love to enjoy a blend of tropical fruits. This premium herbal tea is a blend of luxury hibiscus, apples, rosehip, dried orange, brambleberry, chicory and natural flavors. Bella Coola iced tea is free from any sort of artificial flavors and preservatives. Because of the presence of rich fruits, this tea tastes great and captivates your senses with its enthralling aroma.


All the above tea can be quite helpful to beat the heat this summer. For more info, get in touch with us on our website and explore the different types of tea; choose the best for you and acquire the benefits of the same.



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