Teas That Help You For Sound Sleep

Teas That Help You For Sound Sleep

We are in the era of technology which made our life comfortable and easier. We all know that a good sleep can be quite helpful for making your next day better. One of the best ways to get a good night sleep without any side effects is by consuming herbal teas. Having a cup of tea before bed is often the easiest and most effective routine to adopt, as the natural herbs and flowers in tea can help support and promote a restful sleep. Let us look how different herbal teas can helpful for your goodnight sleep:-


  1. Organic Spearmint Tea

Traditional medicinal organic spearmint tea is widely used as a refreshing beverage. Organic spearmint tea is all the rage when it comes to soothing flavour and refreshment. Delicious spearmint leaves make a refreshing and hydrating Organic Spearmint tea. This tea is quite helpful for reducing congestion, head colds and headaches that will let you fall sleep early in the night.


  1. Egyptian Chamomile Tea

Egyptian Chamomile tea is lapped up by a large number of tea lovers, which asserts its relevance. There are lot of people who loves to eat junk food and hardly aware about the inflammation effects.  This herbal tea includes Chamomile is often added to skin cosmetics to serve as an emollient, and for its anti-inflammatory effects. Chamomile splendidly portrays the safest plant for stomach ailments and is used as a mild seductive.


  1. Organic Tibet Wild Lavender Tea

Today’s generation is more stressed due to workload and responsibilities and lavender tea can be helpful quite helpful to remove anxiety, insomnia, stress and depression. This tea helps you with digest relief, including nervous stomach and indigestion. Lavender tea also helps to treat migraines, colic, and loss of appetite, toothache, nausea, vomiting, and cancer. The inability to sleep, insomnia is caused by anxiety, stress, and depression. The aroma of lavender keeps away depression and insomnia in people. Drinking lavender tea releases the fragrances which help relieve sleep disorder.


  1. Rosebuds And Petals Tea

Rose buds and petals Tea is the finest cup to experience for a tea connoisseur. One cup of fresh rose hips has the equivalent amount of Vitamin C in 60 oranges.  This tea has many health benefits like it helps to fight off colds and flu germs and viruses. Its organic acids and rich nutrient help to strengthen the digestive tract help prevent digestive problems as well as aid in eliminating toxic wastes and substances in the large intestine. The tea can also help establish and maintain the intestinal bacterial flora in the digestive tract to help aid digestion.


According to the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said- “tea is the elixir of life.” Hence, rather than wasting your time and money on over the counter sleep aids which doesn’t promise a good night sleep but instead has various side effects associated with it, use these herbal teas which are safe without any side effects.

Try them today and let them help you get a full night sleep and wake up refreshed.



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