Very Evident Health Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea is procured from the same plant that green and white tea is made from. The only difference is that black tea is 100% oxidized while white and green teas hardly go through any processing. Let’s scan through the benefits of black tea:

Black Tea

• Black tea contains antioxidants which prevent free radical damage which is the cause of many diseases.

• It helps reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks as it expands the arteries and eases the flow of blood to the heart.

• Some studies have proved that drinking black tea reduces cancer risk. It slows down the growth of cancer cells without affecting healthy ones.

• It delays the aging process and a large number of specialty cosmetic and anti-aging products contain black tea extracts.

• Black tea consumption speeds up the metabolism and burns fat. It is an ideal drink for those who want to lose weight.

• It increases the levels of good cholesterol and keeps bad cholesterol in check.

• Black tea contains fluoride which helps in building tooth enamel.

• This tea is specifically beneficial for diabetics as it helps in reducing glucose levels. Resultantly, it reduces the risk of cataract formation.

The Beauty of Black

Studies have shown that adding milk to black tea reduces its health benefits. It is best to consume this brew in its pure form, without milk, cream or sugar. A quick word here- Black tea should not be confused with a regular tea concoction without milk. This tea is called black tea specifically due to the process that it is manufactured in and its health benefits are different as well.



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