Benefits of Wu Yi Green Tea

The benefits of drinking Wu-Yi tea has been known to help with weight loss, cholesterol, energy and metabolism, prevention of heart disease and strokes, fighting the aging process, preventing cancer and help with infections, promoting healthy bones and skin, reducing the effects stress has on the body, reduce the effects of hypertension and reduce the effects of Type II Diabetes.


Experience the goodness of Wu Yi green tea and the touch of magic that shines through your skin as this tea also helps delay natural anti aging process. Oolong tea has a substance called Polyphenol, which is a natural antioxidant that comes in the tea. Many signs of aging include dark spots, wrinkled skin, roughness and related blemishes-people have reported a decrease of these symptoms with regular drinking of wu long tea.

A polyphenal that aids in this process is called Catechins. It destroys free radicals in your body that increases aging. Give your skin a young and plumper look with Wu Yi green tea. Free radicals are caused by things like pollution, smoke, eating, drugs, and even sunlight exposure. Drinking wuyi tea regularly can help reverse the effect from these environmental factors.



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