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Green tea is more than just a normal drink that comprises of many health benefits. When it comes to health do you know that it can also help in maintaining your insulin level? The super drink contains Camellia sinensis leaves which is known to protect you and help to cure various kinds of diseases. And one of them is Diabetes that is a genetic disease which can target anybody. But, don’t worry; green tea can help you with that! Shocked? Don’t be! Green Tea has many beneficiary ingredients that can help to prevent diabetes. But, before we start with the benefits, let’s first get familiar with diabetes and its types.

Diabetes is a disease that can take place because of the high-level intake of sugar i.e. glucose in the body which is regulated by the insulin hormone produced by the pancreas. A person suffering from diabetes is unable to produce the insulin hormone in the correct amount, or they face problem with how the body cells respond.

There are two types of diabetes, which are classified as type1 and type2:

Type1: It occurs when the pancreas stop producing insulin hormone. The only way to treat this type of diabetes is by daily injection of insulin.

Type2: It is the most common form of diabetes. This type of diabetes occurs when you follow an unhealthy lifestyle such as poor diet and insufficient physical activity. In the long run, type 2 diabetes is said to be very dangerous for your health and can also turn fatal.

Reasons why Green Tea is beneficial for patients with diabetes:

1. Green Tea stimulates the production of Insulin:

People suffering from type1 diabetes are unable to produce insulin in their bodies which leads to high blood sugar levels.
But, green tea is one such element that can help stimulate one’s body to produce insulin which in turn helps in controlling your sugar levels and also helps in transforming the nutrients of your food to energy. Green tea also helps in maximizing the functions of the pancreas, which is considered to be very important in producing insulin.

2. Prevents you from obesity:

Obesity is considered to be one of the main reasons why diabetes type2 takes place. Therefore, intake of green tea becomes necessary as it lowers your triglyceride levels and fatty acids that help in preventing and controlling any complications related to obesity.
Taking two to four cups of green tea daily helps in burning up to 80 calories per day, which increases the rate of metabolism and again helps you to control obesity.

3. Maintains your blood sugar level:

The main reason that diabetes occurs is due to an uncontrollable rise of blood sugar level in the body. But, by consuming green tea, the production of adrenaline hormone that causes the rise in blood sugar can be reduced as green tea is widely known for its ability to stimulate the metabolism and also helps in improving your immune system that means that one is left with more energy for better functioning of the brain.

4. Lowers the stress level:

Green tea contains an element called theanine which is an amino acid. Intake of green tea helps in controlling the level of blood pressure, which in turn helps in lowering stress. Stress hormones like cortisol is the reason due to which the blood glucose level tends to rise in your body and an increase in the level of stress is dangerous for a person who is suffering from diabetes.

5. Reduces the risk of heart diseases:

Heart diseases are one of the common causes of diabetic complications. Uncontrollable diabetes can also direct you to a number of long and short term health complications, which include heart diseases, nerve damage, amputation and hypoglycemia.

The main cause of these diabetes-related conditions occur because of the uncontrollable blood glucose levels, particularly prominent blood sugar over an extended period of time which green tea helps you to control. So, make green tea a part of your daily diet today!

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