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Yoga and Green Tea forms one of the healthiest combinations and share some exceptional health and well-being values. Both have been known to strengthen and rejuvenate the mind and body.

We all know Yoga has a number of proven health benefits, so does green tea. They complement each other brilliantly as they bring you to a calmer state of mind. Yoga makes you aware of every moment and every breath you take. It makes your body feel warm and stretches your muscles. After a yoga session, the body and mind feel calmer and more relaxed. Adding a cup of green tea after a soothing session of yoga can bring immense power, happiness, and stability in your life. The tradition of consuming tea can be traced back to several centuries of history, and it has been known to revitalize the system from inside. White, Oolong, Green, and Decaf Teas are known to reduce inflammation and improves metabolism, boost immunity, protect brain function, slow down aging and provide a rich source of antioxidants to the body.

On this International Yoga Day, let’s learn how drinking tea after your yoga session can be an excellent supplement to your Yoga practice:

– Improves Blood Circulation

Just like an intense workout gets your blood circulation better, a yoga session would do the same, but in a more relaxed healthy way. Taking a cup of green tea just after your session increases the flow of antioxidants throughout your body in a better way and improves overall blood circulation. Doing this, rejuvenates your entire body overall and increases the supply of oxygen.

– Good for the Heart

As we have already discussed that yoga and green tea are both good for a person’s blood circulation, the added advantage is heart health. And if there’s been a history of heart disease in your family or you’ve already suffered from this, it complements the other healthy steps you’re already taking to maintain the heart’s health.

– Reduce Stress

Yoga and green tea can be a savior in our hectic and stressful life. Most of us tend to have hectic lives and schedules and are also surrounded by stress and anxiety. Reducing stress goes hand-in-hand with mindfulness, and the moment you actually learn to concentrate on the present, you come outside your stress space. The feeling of calmness even for a few minutes can help a lot to manage and reduce stress. Yoga and green tea can help with this.

– Helps with Arthritis

Both Yoga and Green tea has long been shown to help aching joints that are prone to or even suffering from arthritis. A cup of green tea followed by a relaxing yoga session for joints and muscles will have even more of a helpful effect on those joints. Experts suggest that stronger the green tea, the better for arthritic joints.

Supplement your next yoga session with a cup of healthy green tea and take your health and wellness up several notches!

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