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The Long Beach tea is one of the numerous varieties of the famous Long Island iced tea. What makes it deserving of the “Long Beach” name? Cranberry juice, obviously. It is the key element and separates this beverage from the entirety of the other iced teas.

The formula for a Long Beach tea is very basic, regardless of whether the fixing list is somewhat longer than typical. It requires five fractional shots of alcohol, a solid portion of sour blend, and is finished off with cranberry juice. From that point, it’s simply a matter of mixing and sitting back to enjoy your creation.

This might probably be the most delicious choice in the “tea” group of beverages. The juice gives it a pleasantness that plays off each one of those spirits to make a fairly reviving refreshment. It is additionally an ideal possibility to be stirred up early. Stir up a pitcher for a grill or empty it into a bottle for a super cold mixed drink to appreciate while closely following a day at the sea shore. ​

Regardless of where you appreciate it, it’s a great beverage and it truly isn’t as intoxicating as you might suspect.

When to enjoy

The Long Beach Iced Tea isn’t a beverage for serving to visitors who in general can’t hold their drinks. In any event, when you drink it with a meal, you may feel bouts of intoxication, when you least expect it. Consider it more as a beverage for tasting along on a long, slow evening. It’s extraordinary for consumption on a hot day, on the porch or by the pool.

It’s extraordinary for getting charged up when you have no spot to head to and you truly need to unwind. Indulge in it whenever you’re having an off time following a difficult week.



  1. Put everything except for the cranberry juice into a blender half loaded up with ice.
  2. Shake well until chilled.
  3. Pour the blend – ice and all – into a tall glass.
  4. Fill the remainder of the tall glass with cranberry juice.
  5. Top it with the seasonings

So, your refreshing Long beach iced tea is ready! For decoration, dip a glass rim in lemon juice and then in brown sugar. Make it more like a cocktail for a long, lazy night of drinking. It’s incredible for drinking on a warm day, on a porch or by a swimming pool.