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Gynostemma herbal tea is known as Jiaogulan in Chinese is valued as the anti-aging, endurance drink in China and Japan. It is also used as an effective “cure-all”. Like other Chinese herbs, jiaogulan has measured an adaptogen because of its ability to amend immune functions and provide defensive effects against a number of stress issues known to compromise long-term health. Regular use of adaptogenic herbs, like gynostemma herbal tea, is nontoxic to the human body and assists to improve one’s ability to build fighting against trauma, anxiety, and fatigue if consumed on a regular basis.

The Japanese cultivated a sweet range and then had it planted in China. Now most typical Gynostemma herbal tea is very sweet. Wild Gynostemma is not as sweet, but the gynostemma herbal tea health benefits are superior to the farmed kind. The ultimate life-giving qualities lie in its broad-spectrum adaptogenic quality. It has the ability to get the body into balance under a wide range of stressful circumstances. If you are finding more reasons to drink Gynostemma herbal tea, go through these 8 points:

1. The tea contains lots of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are vital to the human body, including zinc, magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus.

2. This tea has more than 80 different gypenosides, making it more than ginseng, which only has about 36 saponins (gynsenosides). The similarities are so close that they now call it the Southern Ginseng because it grows in south China.

3. This tea used as a “cure-all” to treat a wide variety of conditions and sickness such as high blood pressure, inflammation, bronchitis, stop cough, coronary heart disease, migraines, diabetes, insomnia, remove mucus ,the common cold, gastritis, gastric ulcers, arthritis, acne, warts, various allergies, premature graying or loss of hair.

Reasons to Make Gynostemma Herbal Tea your Daily Drink

4. It is used to treat a number of mental and neurological status including simple depression, anxiety, and even schizophrenia.

5. This tea helps to reduce fat, speeds the metabolism and regulates blood sugar.

6. It is been shown that athletes who drink Gynostemma herbal tea put on more lean muscle than those who do not.

7. Studies of the anti-cancer activity of Gynostemma have publicized a significant (20-80%) inhibition rate on a wide series of cancer cells.

8. Since there are no side effects it is safe and recommended to drink daily.

9. Gynostemma is often now a commonly consumed herb in China for the treatment of elevated cholesterol, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver as well as obesity and diabetes. The leaves foaming actions become evident when prepared tea infusions are reheated.

10. The foam will expand at higher temperatures that will cause the tea liquid to froth-up and quickly rise to the top of the pot or kettle.

11. Gynostemma teas are also known to help regularize blood pressure, minimize inflammation and enhance cardiac function as well as reduce risk of various cardiovascular diseases, like atherosclerosis.

For many people who are into a lifestyle that nurtures durability and good health, they drink 1-2 cups per day of Gynostemma herbal tea. The tea makes a bracing hot morning beverage that can activate natural processes or it can likewise drink to calm the nervous system without causing sedation like nervine tonics. Adaptogens and their double directional properties can go anyway depending what is most appropriate for any one individual constitution or health condition.

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