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Green tea has always been synonymous with health benefits. It contains caffeine as other teas. Green tea is used for multi-purposes as it is naturally extracted from plant. Widely used for medical purposes as well, for example to get some relief from headache, induce weight loss and also being rich source of antioxidant etc. The caffeine residing in it, helps the course. Many individuals like to go with caffeine, few are sensitive to it. Side effect of caffeine can have major impact on overall health of an individual or can leave serious impact on few organs.

Decaf green tea is the same tea without having caffeine. It is achieved with decaffeination processes induced and doesn’t include any chemicals in the same. After it undergoes the process, what is left is decaffeinated green tea which still has the same antioxidant properties but without any caffeine in it. This makes the product completely caffeine free that has its own benefits. Helps human bodies to a larger extent minus the caffeine it used to posses earlier.

Benefits of decaf Green Tea –

Benefits of Decaf green tea can be several once used in your daily routine. To highlight few of them, decaf green tea is gift for caffeine prone individuals. People taking decaf green tea will experience many advantages opposed to caffeinated tea and wouldn’t encounter the same side effects as brought by caffeine, such as insomnia, nausea, rapid heart rate, anxiety and more.

In regular decaf green tea drinkers, it is noticed the user has enhanced memory. Improves your quality of life and overall wellness of your body. It still contains high nutrients and antioxidants including vitamin B as well. Decaf green tea is highly recommended as it reduces type 2 diabetes and protects the liver with regular intake. Magnesium and potassium are found in decaf green tea which makes it even more beneficial to a healthy you. Reduces risk of certain forms of cancer and gives your brain a healthy balance.

While decaf green tea isn’t 100% caffeine free but has very little amount present. It is estimated decaf may contain 2-5mg of caffeine as compared to 60-100mg in other teas. Decaf green tea needs to be at least 95-97% caffeine free in order to enjoy overall health benefits. Moreover, with decaf green tea, reduces the risk of caffeine overdose that can have extreme and serious effect on body. Make a good shift towards decaf green tea and you would feel more relaxed, energetic and sleep sound. 

To say the least, all decaf green tea is filled with multiple benefits which only unfolds when the consumer includes in their regular schedule. Try out and for sure, you will not be disappointed at all.