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English Breakfast tea is traditional way to kick-off day’s proceedings primarily in UK. Pick-me-up has always been part of Britain’s rich history. As breakfast holds the crucial meal in many ‘healthy living’ recommended books. Starting morning with good meal with soothing and rejuvenating sip of English Breakfast tea pumps you all day long.

Having numerous benefits from mental well being to weight reduction, this tea helps in so many different aspects. It contains potassium, B vitamins, folate, fluoride (good for dental health), magnesium, phosphorus. Also, boosts antioxidants such as theaflavins and thearubigins. Over the years, many researchers have concluded, English breakfast tea is a best way to approach your busy schedule. While many around the world sip diverse or different versions of tea, but this tea has its own perks.

In addition, brewing a cup of English tea have great hidden benefits which many aren’t aware about. Came to light, it has whole lot of benefits for your complex body. Overall wellbeing to waistline favour, it contributes individual’s healthy living to certain extent. So, here are the health benefits of English Breakfast Tea one can gift themselves with regular intake –

  1. Low Cancer risk –
    You can actually keep cancer at bay with just sipping English Breakfast Tea. However, more evident may require to fully justify, but researchers believe it destroys the cancer cells without disturbing your normal cells. While back in days, people would link different aspects of drinking this beneficial tea, modern science has pretty much cleared the air to demonstrate how deeply its gains are.
  • Body Detox –
    With thearubigins and theaflavins, it holds great antioxidant properties which helps fight free radical in our body. Body detox promotes good health in Individuals and flashes longevity of life. Moreover, daily intake of antioxidants also helps slowing aging signs in humans. Fair to say, apart from just a hot drink, English breakfast tea has multiple benefits which one can enjoy without making much of an effort.
  • Weight Loss –
    Having found Pseudobutyrivibrio (the bacteria to promote good gut health and metabolism) in this version of tea, it increases digestion. Also, English Breakfast tea propels energy metabolism into liver which encourages weight loss.
  • De-stress and relaxation
    Regular intake lowers the stress hormone cortisol, which deciphers, it eliminates stress from your body. You’ll be more prominent and focused about your day, piercing into your life goals. Peron will find themselves in relaxed state mentally without much of stress to their body.
  • Healthy Heart –
    Few antioxidants present like flavonoids, has properties to improve heart health also reducing inflammation thus slashing risk of heart attack and stroke. The tea in other ways, lowers triglyceride level and blood glucose liver which aids raise overall health of human heart. 

    Above mentioned benefits show the prominence of adding few sips early in the morning. While there are bunch of other benefits as well which can be taken advantage of, few are – better bone health, increased red blood cells and improvement in respiratory health.

    To say the least, start English Breakfast Tea today!